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Bioinformatics and Biocomputational Research(BBR) is an open access, free of charge, peer-reviewed, online journal that provides high quality, comprehensive and broad coverage in all areas of genome bioinformatics and computational biology. The journal publishes original scientific research papers that reports biologically interesting discoveries using computational methods and provides a significant advance to the field as well as those papers that explore the applications used for experiments. The journal also provides reviews, viewpoints, commentaries and reports.

Aim and scope: Bioinformatics and Biocomputational Research aims to provide a venue for the publication of novel, cutting-edge research and technological developments involving the application of computational and statistical methods for the modeling and analysis of all kinds of biological data, as well as other areas of computational biology. Our goal is to serve as a global publishing forum for fundamental researchers in all fields of Bioinformatics and Biocomputational (BBR) to address challenging research issues relevant to bioinformatics, computational biology and their applications. BBR is on basic bioinformatics research methods, tool development, performance evaluation and their applications in biology. We encourage publications combining theoretical and experimental approaches. Where appropriate, manuscripts should describe applications to real-world data. However, pure computational papers are also welcome if future applications to biological data are to be expected, or if they address complexity or approximation issues of novel computational problems in computational biology. For all submissions, authors must clearly provide details, data, and software(s) to ensure readers' ability to reproduce the models, methods, and results.

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Changiz Eslahchi(PhD),
Professor of
algorithms in Bioinformatics,