Bioinformatics and Biocomputational Research (BBR)




Please ensure that the required formats for text and figure submission are followed strictly.

Word Template  can be found here. Use of these templates is compulsory. 

*Please note that the Word and LaTex author templates used for submission to Manuscript Central (ScholarOne) are not an exact reflection of the final typeset article, and therefore cannot be used to estimate exactly how many published pages your final typeset article will be. Please see the Instructions to Authors for more information regarding page charges.

  1. Follow the instructions to authors regarding the format of your manuscript and references.
  2. For your initial submission, please prepare your manuscript as a single file (a text file with embedded figures, tables etc.), using the appropriate template, as given above. You may either prepare your manuscript using a word processing program and save it as a .doc or .rtf file, remembering to insert your figures and tables into the document. All files in .doc or .rtf format will be converted to .pdf format upon submission. Alternatively, you may prepare your manuscript in LaTeX, and then submit the source files directly as part of your online submission. ScholarOne Manuscripts will then covert them into .pdf format. Because accepted manuscripts are published online following acceptance, it is important that the final version of the manuscript supplied by the author contains no information regarding the citation information (volume, issue, year) or a copyright line as this will mislead readers.
  3. Figures can be saved in .jpg, .gif, .tif or .eps format, at 350 dpi resolution (or 1200 for line art). When preparing figures, please make sure that any characters or numbers included in the figures are large enough to read on-screen.
  4. Prepare any other files that are to be submitted for review, including any supplementary material. The permitted formats for these files are the same as for manuscripts and figures. Other file types, such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations may be uploaded but will not be converted to .pdf format.
  5. When naming your files, please use simple filenames and avoid special characters and spaces. If you are a Macintosh user, you must also type the three-letter extension at the end of the file name you choose ( .doc, .pdf)